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Hutsul Clothes

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Model: Embroidered Zhupan. Fabric: woven embroidery. Made in Ukraine. Handmade. Tailor..
2,160 грн.
Model: Embroidered Zhupan. Handmade. Fabric: woven embroidery. Made in Ukraine.   ..
1,800 грн.
Model: Embroidered Zhupan. Handmade. Fabric: woven embroidery. Made in Ukraine.   ..
1,800 грн.
Model: Embroidered Zhupan. Handmade. Fabric: woven embroidery. Made in Ukraine.   ..
1,800 грн.
Hutsul Clothes

Pecularities of hutsul clothes

A peculiar of hutsulish traditional clothes is brightness and inferiority. The hutsul costumes differ from another regions of Ukraine great number of ornaments, leather and metallic elements. How does look male and female traditional hutsulish costumes ?

Famale hutsulish costumes

A traditional hutsulka’s clothes is very beautiful. The women wore a long, chemise picked near neck . A chemises sewed from white linen and decorated of bright embroideries on upper part of sleeve and along it. All women were able to embroider so every of them decorated clothes in own way.

Over chemise women got dressed sleevless jacket and serdak (woolen jacket), which were similar for male sleevless jacket. Between women were popular serdak on fur.

As a skirt hutsulky used one or two zapaska (piece of linen material ), which wore like an apron and was tied on waist by strings. This element of clothes looks like skirt with two cuts on sides.

A woman banded head of the bright, patterned kerchieves. The flowers attached from two sides. The single girls plaited hair on braids plaiting into bright yarn and another decorative elements after that put it on a head. A peremitka was another kind of head-dress which looked as like towel. The women were able to band nicely it on a head.

Famale clothes was completed by great number of adornments which hutsulky liked very much.

Male hutsulish clothes

A traditional male clothe consists of a linen shirt with front cut, cheres (belt) serdak (jacket), keptar (sleevless jacket) and hat . The wide sleeves gathered near wrist of hand. The shirt was long so It didn’t tuck into trousers and wore on above.

The men got on edging dressed a wide belt, sewed from leather, which called a cheres. It tightened the waist and distinguished a male figure.

The cheres was decorated by decorative metallic details and especially hugs, on it man hanged a pipe, kresalo ( iron or steel instrument for striking fire from silicium), travelling knife and another necessary details.

A serdak was another luxury and original element of hutsulish clothes. The serdak is short, warm jacket of free shape with gussets on sides. Mostly it was red or brown. It was decorated very solemn, using embroidery, appliques, laces and pompons (a round decoration for clothes which made from thread or fur ).

Also hutsuly wore a keptar (an ovine jacket). This detail of costume was very comfortable and an irreplaceable in a changeable mountain climate. The keptar was decorated by bright ornaments, embroideries, knitted leather elements. Every village had own peculiarities of sewing keptar. The lower part of hutsulish male clothes was straight trousers with embroidery along seams or to down. On the head wore a felt hats which were decorated by flowers and feather.

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