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Gift Certificate 1000uah EPS-1003

Product Code: EPS-1003
Availability: In Stock
1,000 грн.

Gift Certificate 1000uah EPS-1003

 Terms of Use Certificate

• The owner of a gift certificate can choose any of the available range of products in store and online store Leosouvenir an amount not exceeding the value of that certificate.
• If the value of goods selected by the owner of the certificate, the highest value of the said certificate holder must pay the difference yourself.
• If the cost of selected goods below the cost of the certificate - the difference is not refundable.
• Discount gift certificate and the product is not practiced.
• The certificate is valid and accepted for payment in the store Leosouvenir on condition that all security features, including the registered number, signature and seal seller shop.
• The certificate is valid and accepted for payment in the store before the end of Leosouvenir it expire.
• A gift certificate can not be exchanged for cash equivalent.

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