Gorgeous embroided shirts
I'd like to express my admiration about the gorgeous embroidered blouses and Tshirts which we bought in this site!The colours are very bright!Red poppies on the white cloth are very festive and marvellous!The same beautiful as the blooming fields of my Motherland!The quality is perfect!We also bought flower-crowns ,ear'rings and hand-made cards.The cards are wonderful!Apar t from pretty decorations on them they also have touching words printed inside.When we got the ordered things,we were really impressed by their beauty!Everyon e made us compliments .Being very proud of the Ukrainian art we replied that it's our folk tradition!A wonderful gift for a special friend,or a splendid clothes for ourselves-any choice is valid!I strongly advise this site.You won't be disappointed;I 'm sure!The stuff is very attentive to the requests and polite.I'd like to thank all of them for their kindness and devoted job!
Olena Kozlova, Rapallo Italy
Розроблено Alius
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