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Patriotic T-shirts

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Model: T-Shirt Blue and Yellow Heart. Machine work, blue color. Fabric: 100%-cotton. Made i..
140 грн.
Model:  T-Shirt In the native land as in paradise. Print on the T-shirt, black/white co..
100 грн.
Model: Yellow Trident. Machine work, white color. Fabric: 100%-cotton. Made in Ukraine..
130 грн.
Model: T-Shirt Trident. Print on the t-shirt. Fabric: 100%-cotton. Made in Ukraine. &nbs..
170 грн.
Model:  Ukraine. Print on the T-shirt, blue/white/yellow color. Fabric: 100%-cotton...
160 грн.
Model:  Ukraine. Print on the T-shirt, blue/white/yellow color. Fabric: 100%-cotton...
160 грн.
Model:  Ukraine. Print on the T-shirt, blue/white/yellow color. Fabric: 100%-cotton...
160 грн.
Model: Emblem of Lviv. Machine work, black color. Fabric: 100%-cotton. Made in Ukraine..
130 грн.
Patriotic T-shirts

Patriotic shirt - confession of love to the Motherland!

patriotic shirt - a true trend of recent years. T-shirts with trident, Ukraine flags and portraits of famous Ukrainian poets are not only young people, but who want to emphasize their original way of belonging to our great nation. Admit love our native land, do not suppress these feelings in yourself!

Why patriotic t

The love for the motherland can express in a different form, and wearing patriotic shirts - one of the most popular methods. Wear clothing with Ukrainian symbolism is very fashionable and prestigious. Show that you love your country and proud of it, that you are a true connoisseur of Ukrainian history and culture. patriotic T required each of us, wherever we live, for our common Motherland - Ukraine, and we - its children.

patriotic T-shirt with embroidered emblem or traditional Ukrainian embroidery - is very democratic and accessible to every way of expression. This fashionable and actual shirt helps you not only to express their beliefs about society, but also to find adherents. Even if you find yourself abroad, shirt with patriotic motives inform others about the country from which you come, and may help you find new good friends who admired Ukraine.

If you have overseas friends or business partners, then this shirt would be appropriate to send them as a souvenir. Stylish patriotic shirts with prints, embroideries or labels to any person to receive a nice gift. Such things can be called universal, because patriotic t-shirt can give people of all ages and gender. Even for children is a wonderful shirts that will teach a child to love their homeland and grow a true patriot, and besides - stylish man with good taste.

In addition to all other benefits, patriotic shirts are perfect to wear any modern style, allowing you to wear them every day and about, whether it's a family holiday or a walk around the city.

Where to buy patriotic t

In our online store you can buy leosuvenir patriotic t-shirts in various sizes and colors to suit every taste and budget. Select the products that you like, make order and we'll send it to you without delay. We offer very acceptable prices for clothing with patriotic design. All shirts patriotic delight you with its stylish appearance and durability. Our shop offers the highest quality shirts from the best fabrics, comfortable for your body and those that do not lose their good looks from washing. Sign up for a patriotic t-shirt today and show everyone that you love our country!

What to portray patriotic shirts

The most common patriotic motives - this flag and emblem (tridents). Embroidered or printed, they look stylish and concisely. Flags on T-shirts and tridents find classic look, and can be styled (floral motifs, modern motifs and so on).

Inspiring shirts using state symbols and patriotic slogans can be made in different styles, but they share a real Ukrainian spirit and pride in our beautiful country.

Also on T-shirts can be depicted major Ukrainian writers and poets - such as Taras Shevchenko and lesia Ukrainian, and are excerpts from their immortal works.

Also, patriotic shirts can be highly artistic, reproducing paintings by famous artists.

Another popular trend jewelry patriotic shirts - humorous. Within this framework may not appear on T-shirts funny pictures or memes such as "Thank you, God, what I do not Muscovite!».

What are patriotic t

T-shirts decorated in patriotic style, divided into three categories - men, women and children.

  • patriotic shirts Men are free cutting and great width apart. They are usually black, white or red, but allowed other color variations. These shirts combine conciseness underlined the severity courageous and dynamic images and slogans. patriotic shirts - beautiful and appropriate solution for every summer wardrobe Ukrainian.
  • Women patriotic shirts tailored so as to repeat the curves and shapes emphasize the beauty of their owner. A soft, feminine, lyrical prints, embroidery and quote - that, in addition to cut, distinguishes shirts for women men patriotok of options. In addition, women's shirts are more options for color choices.
  • Baby patriotic shirts characterized by the richness of color palettes, conciseness and simplicity of images, and they do not impede the movement of the child, with free cutting. Bright and comfortable, they are ideally suited to your baby's wardrobe. Children's T-shirts come in short sleeve and long walks in the cool weather. They are made of flesh pleasant hypoallergenic cotton-stretch material, which is characterized by resistance to all kinds of influences, low mnuchkistyu, good ventilation and ease of care.
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